feminine force…

… artist Ashmina Ranjit’s installations and performance are very blatant and ‘in-your-face’. The image (see Image 3) of Ashmina performing in a dress made of sanitary pads, from March 2010, made some of us gasp and most, guffaw. Ashmina Ranjit successfully draws attention to the act of menstruation in an attempt to eradicate the taboo associated with menstruation and menstruating women. A thin tube spews blood on the napkins one at a time, as Ashmina carefully folds and discards them in the trash bin. In a similar effort as seen in Image 4, Ashmina also creates an installation of a woman’s toilet by covering it entirely with sanitary napkins. It was interesting to note a woman from the participating audience comment on how the modern sanitary napkins not only reflect menstruation successfully but also the face of capitalism. The ultra-thin sanitary pads seen here are a modern replacement of the traditional cloth or cloth pads used by many. … …

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